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Press Release: Alliance for Inclusive Education launches manifesto for Inclusive Education

ALLFIE launches revised manifesto demanding Government moves to a fully inclusive education system to support human rights.


Immediate release Thursday 7 November 2019

Today ALLFIE launches their revised manifesto setting out 6 demands to the Government to move from the present system to a fully inclusive education system that supports human rights.

Michelle Daley, ALLFIE’s Director said:
Our manifesto is about challenging the deep rooted systematic discrimination which unfairly locks disabled pupils and students out of mainstream education. Inclusive education benefits everyone. It allows disabled and non-disabled people to come together and learn to respect and value our differences. It helps to create inclusive communities that welcome everyone. Our manifesto sets out the importance of ‘educating not segregating’ and engaging in positive action to establish a fair and equal education system for ALL citizens

This year, a series of damning reports highlight failings to Disabled children and young people experienced within the education system. The recent Timpson review reveals damning findings:
“Children with identified SEN accounted for 46.7% of all permanent exclusions and 44.9% of fixed period exclusions.”

The focus of our manifesto is on realising the rights of ALL Disabled learners to mainstream education with all necessary supports and adjustments within an inclusive education system.

To support us sign our manifesto


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About The Alliance for Inclusive Education
ALLFIE is a unique voice. Formed in 1990, we are the only organisation led by Disabled people focused on campaigning and information-sharing on education, training and apprenticeship issues. We campaign for the right of all Disabled pupils and students to be fully included in mainstream education, training and apprenticeships with all necessary supports. ALLFIE believes that inclusive education is the basis of lifelong equality. Children who learn and play together will grow into adults who can understand and respect each other’s differences.