Our team

Our staff and trustees


See below for details of all our staff. We all work part time but we always try and make sure that there is someone in the office to be available for questions, press enquiries etc.


Get in touch here or see below for individual staff members.

Michelle Daley


Michelle directs and manages ALLFIE, makes sure it delivers its aims and objectives and raises the organisation’s profile. Email Michelle

Becky Olaniyi

Our Voice Youth Officer

Email Becky

Lani Parker

Capacity Building Development Officer

Email Lani

Gelila Tekle-Mariam

Governance Support Officer

Gelila is ALLFIE’s Governance Support Officer.

Catherine Bebbington

Communications Officer

Catherine looks after ALLFIE’s communications, including the website, social media, and Inclusion Now magazine. Email Catherine

Dora Lam

Finance Officer

Dora looks after ALLFIE’s finances. Email Dora

Saifur Valli

Operations and Digital Officer

Saifur is part-time Operations and Digital Officer and looks after ALLFIE’s digital aspects and supporting the team with operational and digital benefits.

Amelia McLoughlan

Policy and Research Officer

Email Amelia

Kariima Ali

Social Value in Education Researcher

Email Kariima

Joan Perkins

Finance Officer



ALLFIE’s trustees are:

  • Chair: Navin Kikabhai
  • Vice Chair: Sarifa Patel
  • Treasurer: Shamim Ali
  • Anthony Ford
  • Joe Whittaker
  • Miro Griffiths
  • Mike Lambert
  • Sophia Anna Kleanthous
  • Tasnim Hassan

Navin Kikabhai, Allfie's Chair of Trustees

ALLFIE's chair, Navin Kikabhai