Inclusion Champions

Our work with Disabled People’s Organisations: Inclusion Champions Network

If you would like to attend February and March 2022 Inclusion Champions Network training, please email, stating any access needs you may have. 

What is the Inclusion Champions Network?

The Inclusion Champions Network supports Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) through capacity building, to better equip them to work and engage with Disabled children, Young People and their families through: Networking, sharing information and resources sharing  and training.

ALLFIE recognises the value in DPOs providing peer-led support and services for Disabled children, Young People and their families. Not only do we work with DPOs that provide services to strengthen voices but also to encourage others to better engage young people’s voices within the work of DPO’s.

ALLFIE recognises the need to encourage DPO’s to have conversations about tackling racism and intersectional inequality within their organisation. Our Disabled Black Lives Matter (DBLM)  pressure group has been effective is supporting organisations in dismantling racism and intersectional discrimination within DPO’s

Our work around Capacity building DPOs is designed to strengthen our movement, to better support the rights of Disabled children and young people to be fully included in mainstream education and their communities.  We follow the principles of inclusive education the social model of disability, independent living and equality legislation including the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Article 24 (on education).

Membership benefits include: 

  • Monthly Inclusion Champion Network online webinars, with key speakers on topics that focus on building better partnership working creating a more cohesive support and service for disabled children, young people and their families. For full programme click here
  • Free training sessions around inclusive practice, capacity building skills and tools
  • Work place coaching can we say workplace support getting DPO to think  –creative around fund raising, strategy, planning and setting up peer support groups or forums
  • Peer learning and information sharing
  • Strengthening Partnership working and networking opportunities with ICN members, Allies and professionals across Education, Health and Social services

Become an Inclusion Champion

If your Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) would benefit from this service please contact our Inclusion Champions Development worker – your organisation must be Disabled person led, or working toward becoming a DPO.

Inclusion Champions Resources

  • Disabled Young People’s resources: ‘Knowledge is Power’ toolkit and ‘Making Things Happen’ (summer programme) both focus on strengthening the voices of Disabled Young People, covering topics such as; the Social Model of Disability, Disability Identity, Barriers, Rights and Speaking up. “100% of Disabled Young people who attended the ‘Making Things Happen’ training said they felt more confident when speaking up about decisions that affect them and their lives at a decision maker level”.
  • Parent resources: Parents as Allies Toolkit, developing the voice of parents and creating stronger allies for disabled children and young people to have a voice
  • Our Inclusion Champions FAQ also has more information about inclusive education and its relevance to what DPOs do on a daily basis.
  • Inclusion Champions member testimonial

Our training and workshops

Our 2022 programme is currently in development.

If you would like to attend our February and March sessions please email stating any access needs you may have.

Last year’ session are interested in . For: Inclusion Champion Network Webinar Programme 2020-21

Places are limited, so please make sure you email  stating which sessions you want to book and 

Training is free and you will receive access to the resources.

Previous workshops include:
– Inclusive Education principles and law: How it affects Disabled pupils, students and their families
– The Social Model of Disability and how this relates to education
­– Engaging Disabled Young people in events, projects and services
– Fundamentals of working with families, schools and education providers

Ten people round a table talking in a workshop
“Fundamentals of Working with Families” training session