‘Our Voice’ Project

ALLFIE feels Disabled Young people’s voices have been ignored, especially during COVID-19. ‘Our Voice’ is a national participation project to amplify their voices, and address erasure of Young people’s education experiences.

Visual minutes from the workshop: Making Things Happen - how to better engage Young Disabled people

Support for Independent living needs and control over what support remains has decreased during the COVID-19 pandemic. ALLFIE feels that this has increased the levels of Disabled Young people’s isolation.

In response to this, ALLFIE has created a project called ‘Our Voice’ to make Disabled Young people’s opinions heard and put them out there.

What is ‘Our Voice’ project? 

Our Voice’ is a Covid-19 national participation project, to amplify Disabled Young people’s voices, and address erasure of their education experiences.


  1. Samuel Bartley has created ‘Song About P.A.s’ for the Our Voice project. This instrumental music soundtrack is:

“A happy song, because when P.A.’s (Personal Assistants) are working with me we do fun things together and play games and activities which make me happy. So this piece of sound music is what I have created for being privileged to have supportive P.A’s working with me. I hope you like it!” (Samuel Bartley, Our Voice Project, April 2021)

Music composed by Samuel Bartley especially for the Our Voice Panel Event ‘Disabled Lives, Young Voices’.

More Information

Look out for articles with the #OurVoice and if you want to know more, please contact Armineh Soorenian at Armineh.Soorenian@allfie.org.uk