We Know Inclusion Works

Inclusion works for everyone – all disabled and non-disabled learners

Children playing together, some in wheelchairs, some not

“William has been fantastic for Natasha. She began by being frightened of him, but now he is one of her closest friends. She now understands that he is no threat, just has different needs… She is more sparkly when she knows William will be in school. She gets up and says ‘It’s a William day today’. She never wants to miss school when he is there, even when she is ill. They have a special friendship.” (Parent)

ALLFIE uses positive stories of inclusion to show how it can work for all disabled learners, including those with profound learning difficulties, when the government and some educational institutions say it’s not possible!

ALLFIE collects stories from school pupils and students, families and education professionals, to show how inclusive education is possible. We highlight the benefits of working towards a fully inclusive education system.

“He is doing well, the other children like having him in the class and are not afraid of him being different… Many of my friends have been ground down and think they do not have any choice but a special school, surely this is wrong.” Parent.

“Including children with difference benefits everyone. The children with additional needs have good role models, whether it be speech, behaviour etc. Placing all children who cannot access mainstream education together in a separate place will emphasise difference and ensure a segregated life with ‘their own kind’ (whatever that means). When all children regardless of difficulties occupy the same space the mainstream children learn about difference. These children will be the decision makers of the future and can change the future for the children with disabilities!” Adele Rose-Morgan, parent

What can you do?

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