Coronavirus (Covid-19)

ALLFIE’s Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Disabled People’s Education campaign

ALLFIE continues to challenge measures which disrupt Disabled people’s rights to education, including emergency Government Covid-19 legislation which raises concerns for Disabled learners in mainstream education. This page covers:

  • ALLFIE’s Coronavirus (Covid-19) Briefings
  • ALLFIE’s Coronavirus (Covid-19) Submissions

ALLFIE’s Coronavirus (Covid-19) Briefings

ALLFIE Coronavirus (Covid-19) Submissions

  1. Education Committee Inquiry: Impact of COVID-19 on Education and Children’s Services
  2. Joint Committee on Human Rights Inquiry on The Government’s Response to COVID-19: Human Rights Implications
  3. Women and Equalities Committee Inquiry: Unequal impact? Coronavirus, disability and access to services
  4. Children’s Commissioner for England: Covid-19 and Disabled Children’s Education