Covid-19 and Disabled People’s Education: June update

ALLFIE’s latest Coronavirus briefing highlights: Further changes in education for Disabled pupils and students; Newly published Government guidance on schools re-opening; ALLFIE’s position plus how to help us and have your say.

Our June briefing on the impact of Covid-19 on Disabled learners covers:

  • Covid-19 legal update
  • DfE guidance: Schools re-opening
  • ALLFIE’s position
  • What you can do: Have your say

For more information on Coronavirus and Disabled people’s education, please see our previous monthly briefings:

Covid-19 Legal Update

The Secretary of State for Education has announced that the notice allowing local authorities to use their ‘reasonable endeavours’ to secure special educational needs provision for Disabled students will continue until the end of June.

For more information about emergency modifications to the Children and Families Act 2014 affecting Disabled learners and Education, Health and Care Plans, please read our previous briefing: Coronavirus and Inclusive Education.

Department for Education Guidance: Schools re-opening

Now that the Government has started to permit schools to reopen for a limited number of pupils, there has been updated guidance published by the Department for Education.

Similarly, as the Government has started to permit further education institutions to reopen for a limited number of pupils, the Department for Education has published applicable guidance.

Guidance has also been published supporting children and young people with SEND as schools and colleges prepare for wider opening.

ALLFIE’s position

The Alliance for Inclusive Education does not hold a position on whether individual schools and colleges should open and whether individual children will be safe returning to the classroom. We recognise that every family must make that decision for themselves by considering the whole range of risks that Covid-19 presents to their individual children, other family members and the wider community.

However, ALLFIE still remains very firm that disabled children have the right to access mainstream education whether that is taking place in schools, their own homes or anywhere else. All disabled children and young people have a right to receive the special educational needs provision they require, even if that is provided in an alternative format within their own homes. Moreover, where remote learning is not working for disabled students we will continue to highlight the need for schools to work with families to develop alternative educational activities.

What you can do: Have your say

We would welcome reports of Disabled peoples’ education experiences throughout the pandemic in various formats, from children, young people or parents, to inform ALLFIE’s continued work during and post Covid-19.

In the first instance, please contact Simone Aspis at

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