ALLFIE’s work on making sure apprenticeships are accessible to disabled young people too

In 2009 the Labour Government introduced a statutory apprenticeships scheme which was not going to be inclusive of all disabled apprentices.

Since then ALLFIE has campaigned for a fully national inclusive apprenticeships scheme. ALLFIE is campaigning for:

  • Inclusive methods of assessing numeracy and literacy skills in the workplace
  • An inclusive curriculum to allow disabled and non disabled students to learn and work together
  • Inclusive occupational/work standards

Our successes

  • Removal of the set minimum entry requirement (including portfolio for students with learning difficulties)
  • Some disabled apprentices being exempted from having to gain GCSE level Maths and English qualifications
  • ALLFIE is on the government’s Apprenticeships Advisory Committee.

You can read about Maxime Soret’s apprenticeship as a chef in Inclusion Now 45.

Maxim Soret (23) receiving his apprenticeship certificate

What can you do?

Are you a disabled person who has done an apprenticeship? Get in touch and tell us how it went, good or bad!


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