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How you can help us campaign for inclusive education

Education Select Committee Inquiry

We’re preparing to submit evidence to the House of Commons Education Select Committee inquiry into how well the Children and Families Act is working for Disabled students and those with SEN.

We want to highlight the excuses and discriminatory practices that local authorities and schools employ in denying Disabled pupils and students with SEN their right to access mainstream education. We want to highlight how the Children and Families Act is failing to promote human rights to mainstream education.

Please tell us if you have been denied mainstream education as a result of the local authority/school using

  • The argument that the child’s attendance in a mainstream school would be incompatible with the efficient education of other children
  • A placement in an SEN unit when you as parent or your child wanted to participate more in the mainstream school lessons and other school-related activities.

We are also interested in hearing about

  • Disabled pupils and students attending segregated courses because of the school or college’s failure to differentiate the mainstream course curriculum
  • Problems with the funding and quality of SEN provision within mainstream
  • A Disabled pupil or student with SEN being forced to go to a special school or to be home schooled because the local authority / local mainstream schools were unable to meet their needs
  • We’d also like to hear about good practice where local authorities, schools and colleges are making mainstream education work for all.

Please feel free to contact Simone Aspis via Facebook or on or ring her on 0207 737 6030. We will anonymise your stories.

It would be good to hear from you by Sunday 20th May 2018.

Read more about the inquiry.