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Stand up for inclusive education and put your name to our six demands.

ALLFIE’s manifesto focuses on realising the rights of ALL disabled people to mainstream education with all necessary supports and adjustments within an inclusive education system.  It sets out ALLFIE’s six demands, which would move us from the present situation to a fully inclusive education system.

We believe disabled people have the right to:

  • An inclusive education supported by human rights laws.
  • A coordinated education, health and social care system.
  • An inclusive learning environment.
  • An inclusive curriculum.
  • An inclusive assessment system.
  • An education workforce committed to inclusive education practice.

ALLFIE manifesto

Sign our manifesto

Recent signatories...

  • Clare Baker
  • Hendrik Prinsloo
  • Eurydice Caldwell
    “Inclusive education is key to the achievement of students who have special educational needs, disabilities and those who don't. Without this the barriers to accessing information, understanding and skills is widened, preventing true participation.”
  • Siobhan Lennon-Patience
    “I want to see much more inclusive education which is adapted so that disabled pupils can access the curriculum and be part of their local community along with their peers, family and friends”
  • James Lawson
  • Michael Green
  • Alice Shelley Forbes
  • Christina Lawson
  • Trevor Lawson
  • Tom Westgarth
  • Penelope O’Neill
  • Julia Bardoul
  • Mark Carr
  • Delia McNally
    “Education has suffered like the rest of the public sector from 11 years of underfunding and ideological interference from government. Time things changed.”
  • James Wright
  • Phil Lavery
  • Ian Dracott
  • Ross Campbell
  • Linda Firth
    “We all deserve the best education possible. x”
  • A Berry
    “Good education should be for everyone, no matter what.”
  • Jamie Blair
  • Kane Carmichael
    “i had to drop out of higher education because of a lack of support for my textbook neurodivergences that went under the radar for my whole academic career. i dont want anyone else to have to go through that, at any age.”
  • Kathleen Allen
  • Sandra Dyke
    “Our children needs more inclusions they may not be able to voice their needs but this will certainly be a big help to change peoples views and give our children a future like all other children”
  • Sarah Bresnahan
  • Penny Dyke
  • Kathryn Perry
  • Rachel Parks
  • Callum Laverick
  • Paul Brooks
  • Rosalind Austin
  • Nick Dyke
  • Nikita Parks
    “Celebrate diversity, cultivate an attitude of unconditional acceptance, and only be intolerant of intolerance.”
  • Patricia Jaega
  • Damien Adie
  • martin mcsheen
  • Harry Ray
    “All people deserve an education, regardless of what some rich corporates and aristocrats think.”
  • Mhara Costello
    “*Knowledge is power*. Disabled/disadvantaged have never needed it more, under cut - throat Tory rule. Make it happen.”
  • Joy Boyd
  • Sean Fairbrother
  • Billie Jo Gibson
    “I'm an autistic councilor candidate and the education system failed me because I didn't get the right support in mainstream school.”
  • Lenox Igbadumhe
  • Daniel Palmer
  • Maxwell Liever
  • jane ma
  • Martin Berriman
  • Thelma Walker
    “As a former teacher and Special Needs co ordinator I am delighted to sign in support of the Alfie manifesto”
  • George Broadley
  • Harry Glover
  • Peter Jay Nelson
    “A good education is a human right!”