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ALLFIE’s manifesto focuses on realising the rights of ALL disabled people to mainstream education with all necessary supports and adjustments within an inclusive education system.  It sets out ALLFIE’s six demands, which would move us from the present situation to a fully inclusive education system.

We believe disabled people have the right to:

  • An inclusive education supported by human rights laws.
  • A coordinated education, health and social care system.
  • An inclusive learning environment.
  • An inclusive curriculum.
  • An inclusive assessment system.
  • An education workforce committed to inclusive education practice.

ALLFIE manifesto

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Recent signatories...

  • Kirsty Harrington
  • Breakthrough Education
    “We are an education company that supplies consultancy services to primary schools in Suffolk through our 'Remain Programme' which supports schools in their inclusive policies and practices as well as offering single SEND training courses depending upon need. We advocate for families navigating the EHCNA system and as the CEO of this company I am a researcher specialising in inclusive practices and my doctoral thesis in this area. We fully support this manifesto.”
  • Andrew Martin
    “My Mum had to fight the authorities in order for me to attend a mainstream school. So saddened that the fight she had 40 years ago is a fight people are still needing to have today. Parents know best for their children. The default position should always be that all children go to mainstream schools. I am so grateful that my Mum fought.”
  • Sarah-Jane Onken
    “My daughter has a chromosome duplication. Before diagnosis, school used half day exclusions regularly. I have an MA in Counselling and suspected Autism and told school. Rather than support her they used a school nurse to try everything possible to blame us, accusing fabricated illness and had us under some safeguarding surveillance. We had done nothing wrong, they did not understand her condition. They were forced to accept their mistake on diagnosis. Change is needed.”
  • Angus Davie
    “About time institutions stopped paying lip service to the Social Model of Disability and did more about it!”
  • FreeOurPeople Alliance Foundation and our sister spiritual organisation SpiritAucracy Free grassroots self-advocacy movements and communities at
    “Solidarity if we stand together as human rights defenders activists to fight for human rights for everyone to have interdependent interconnected living which means inclusion, neuroinclusion towards quantumInclusion by 2030 under the UNCPD and other UN treaties too within education and lifelong learning and all other aspects and areas of our lives. ❤️ Col, founder of the”
  • thomas ramsey
  • thomas ramsey
  • Abdur Razzak Shohel
    “Hi I am Abdur Razzaq Sohail. I am a spinal cord patient.I live in Bangladesh.I met with an accident on 15th November 2015.Since then I am 70% disabled.I have taken treatment at Savar CRP in Bangladesh.From there we have been trained in various jobs.Many as different uddgta. Working. We have an organization SCIDAB.”
  • Abdur Razzak Shohel
    “Hi I am Abdur Razzaq Sohail. I am a spinal cord patient.I live in Bangladesh.I met with an accident on 15th November 2015.Since then I am 70% disabled.I have taken treatment at Savar CRP in Bangladesh.From there we have been trained in various jobs.Many as different uddgta. Working. We have an organization CIDAB. We participate in various activities for the welfare of disabled people.”
  • Difference North East
  • Maxine Bone
    “Loving this site - I just found it after researching for my Level 2 Special Needs Education and Disability Course. Its a real eye OPENER!”
  • Dragana Ciric Milovanovic
  • Lily Cunningham
    “I'm currently in the beginning stages of transitioning my 9 year old son from special school to mainstream school, love your manifesto.”
  • thomas ramsey
  • Tara Dactyl
    “I home educate my daughter as mainstream school was unable to support her needs, but she is not old enough to go on a waiting list for assessments or support. Many families will not be able to provide this support for their children, who will be stuck in limbo and not receiving suitable support or education. Education for all, or none at all, inclusive education is necessary and beneficial for all.”
  • thomas ramsey
  • Yasmin Ensor
    “I am signing in solidarity with the pupils and parents I support as a SENDCo in a mainstream secondary school. A lot needs to change!”
  • Vicky Mattless
  • Maria Aguirre
    “Thank you, we must change politics”
  • Maxine Cunningham
    “Our education system should be a true reflection of society- at the minute it is not. At the moment we are teaching children that some people learn in other schools, away from everybody else. This is not ok. Everyone should learn together and difference and diversity should be celebrated.”
  • Zelda McCollum
    “I absolutely believe Inclusive Education is the only way to ensure an inclusive society where absolutely everyone has whatever is necessary to lead the life they desire. Inclusive education would make for a fairer, richer society where everyone will be recognised for all the wondrous gifts and qualities they can contribute to all our lives. We must make this happen.”
  • Laura McGlashan
    “My son has been the victim of systematic abuse, discrimination and enforced isolation resulting from being denied access to mainstream education. The result of this is likely to have lifelong repercussions. I support change.”
  • Anna Deane
    “If we want to see true social justice for everyone we need to create environments from the very start of a child's education which value the strengths every single human brings to the table. Segregating children is not the way forward. Advocating, Education and Empowering people is.”
  • Anthony Ford-Shubrook
  • Peter Hick
    “As a Professor of Inclusive Education I aspire to be an ally in my work. I have supported ALLFIE's aims for many years.”
  • Stephanie Ellis
  • Emma Carlisle
  • Adrian Larose
  • Lavern Buchanan-Sy
    “As an employee with a hidden disability working in education as a Career Adviser I welcome the opportunity to support young people with LDD receive the best they can towards reaching their employment and educational goals.”
  • Claudia Gillberg
    “As a (disabled) professor of Education, I have been bashing my head against the wall of wilful ignorance in school and other education settings when it comes to inclusive education and leadership. Only just now I have written a research blog post describing the many problems with school leadership research and 'actions' in real life where people bandying about lovely sounding concepts have no idea of the struggles of disabled kids and their parents. I wholeheartedly support ALLFIE's mission.”
  • Clare Baker
  • Hendrik Prinsloo
  • Eurydice Caldwell
    “Inclusive education is key to the achievement of students who have special educational needs, disabilities and those who don't. Without this the barriers to accessing information, understanding and skills is widened, preventing true participation.”
  • Siobhan Lennon-Patience
    “I want to see much more inclusive education which is adapted so that disabled pupils can access the curriculum and be part of their local community along with their peers, family and friends”
  • James Lawson
  • Michael Green
  • Alice Shelley Forbes
  • Christina Lawson
  • Trevor Lawson
  • Tom Westgarth
  • Penelope O’Neill
  • Julia Bardoul
  • Mark Carr
  • Delia McNally
    “Education has suffered like the rest of the public sector from 11 years of underfunding and ideological interference from government. Time things changed.”
  • James Wright
  • Phil Lavery
  • Ian Dracott
  • Ross Campbell