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Stand up for inclusive education and put your name to our six demands.

ALLFIE’s manifesto focuses on realising the rights of ALL disabled people to mainstream education with all necessary supports and adjustments within an inclusive education system.  It sets out ALLFIE’s six demands, which would move us from the present situation to a fully inclusive education system.

We believe disabled people have the right to:

  • An inclusive education supported by human rights laws.
  • A coordinated education, health and social care system.
  • An inclusive learning environment.
  • An inclusive curriculum.
  • An inclusive assessment system.
  • An education workforce committed to inclusive education practice.

ALLFIE manifesto

Sign our manifesto

Recent signatories...

  • Joe Holdsworth
  • Susan Evans
    “I am really interested in setting up an alternative education centre in a green leafy area from 5 to 25 years. I have 7 year experience as social worker with children disabled teams in various Borough. Now in safeguarding but would like to return back to CWD but placed within a natural environment where we can all thrive. Anyone on board? Children with SEN are being excluded and placed in PRU without proper support. It really saddens me as I know potential is then wasted.”
  • Colin Cameron
    “Was just checking the website out because I wanted to pass on information about ALLFIE to one of my students at Northumbria University. But very happy to add my name here. Referred to ALLFIE yesterday, too, in a lecture to another student group. Gaining access, inclusion, equality and respect for all disabled people involves a struggle, and being in it for the long haul, but we gain strength from being in it for each other.”
  • Nina Mathurin
    “I am in a similar situation with my son soon to be 9 years old. Parents know their children best, so getting the correct balance and support parents should be included in that process. What I have come across is our children being put in a category box, if they have an EHCP budget and plan why can their needs not be met in a mainstream setting? Additional needs schools are not a one stop shop, our children are individuals and should have access to mainstream school, it is their right.”
  • Tim Kent
  • International Socialist Guild
    “Well done Allfie”
  • Emile Gouws
    “I represent Neurodiversity on the CDPF and as an autism self-advocate, I believe in the implementation of Article 24 of the UNCRPD to include Disabled students in an education system free from any form of victimization and discrimination.”
  • Rebecca Pettman
  • Jennifer Dong
  • Lydia Clements
  • Wendy Craddock
    “I fully support inclusive education for all regardless of ethnicity or of physical or learning ability.”
  • katie lee
  • Emily Allsopp
  • colette bruce
  • Rhianna Jones
  • thomas ramsey
  • Emily Clark
  • Centre of Socail Inclusive Programms (Kazakhstan)
    “I am very glad to have a chance to present my team from Kazakhstan here. We work three years and know have an Inclusive ground and space in Almaty. And our dream is to open the same grounds in different countries and to start the First online incousive school in Kazakhstan, that can help to children make an inclusive collaborations”
  • Louise Hassell
  • Clare Mawson
  • Linda Campbell
  • Christine O'MAHONY
  • Katie Clarke
  • jeff slominski
  • Tony Makin
    “I had a daughter who was profoundly deaf but I insisted she was in a mainstream school. I was a special needs teacher in mainstream schools until I became disabled myself. I am acutely aware of the social model of disability and from first hand experience support Allfie's campaigns.”
  • Lisa Hocking
    “When we create environments that allow those with disabilities to thrive, we create environments that allow everybody to thrive.”
  • Wilson Yao
    “Great movement, good initiative”
  • Glasgow Disability Alliance
    “Solidarity from Glasgow Disability Alliance with 5000+ disabled members”
  • Monaka Bibi
    “Good idea”
  • Julia Massey
    “I am a SENDIS student at Wolverhampton university. The reason I am even taking this course, is because I want to help uphold and improve the rights for people of all disabilities. So sick of SEN budgets being cut and the constant failures of governments constantly not upholding diverse and inclusive standards.”
  • Narayan Panta
  • Julia Danila
    “Disabled children deserve to have a chance to mainstream schools. Education is the only way to be indepent, have a job and do somthing for a living. Education not segregation.”
  • Laurence Le Blet
  • Janice Darkes-Sutcliffe
  • Christine Stringer
    “I believe that an inclusive education system is the way forward.”
  • alex thorp
  • Disbility rep forum
    “Inclusive education is in the best interest of all our children ..Please make this happen as this in the un convention ,article 24”
  • Hannah Facey
  • Ferdi Ploeger
  • Sterre Ploeger
  • Yvonne Brouwers
  • Alan Quilley
    “Great stuff!”
  • Trish O'Hara
    “Inclusion only works with effort. There will need to me more teachers - trained in autism and other differences. With facilities that offer places for pupils to 'rest'.”
  • Sue O'Riordan
    “As a retired educational psychologist I found that establishments that were truly inclusive met the needs of ALL pupils well. It is not just pupils with SEND that benefit. Leaders need to set the expectations and philosophy. It must be properly funded, it can't be done on the cheap but will probably be less costly than segregated education establishments for similar outcomes.”
  • Gillian Nielsen
  • Kate Murphy
  • Colin Wilson
  • Maria Barton
  • Sophie Bryant
    “All children should have a inclusive education”