What we do

Our aims, strategic plan and annual review

Group of ALLFIE supporters wearing "We Know Inclusion Works" tshirts

ALLFIE’s vision is ‘a world where inclusive education is a right not a struggle’

ALLFIE is a Disabled people-led organisation, which seeks to build alliances with individuals and organisations who share our vision. We successfully work with Disabled learners and parents and carers across a very wide range of educational needs, backgrounds and experiences and gain strength from that diversity.

Our relationships and influence stretch over a wide range of networks and alliances interested in education, inclusion, Disabled children’s services, Disabled people’s rights and equality, and human rights more generally, and we have an impressive track record in successfully influencing change and a positive reputation nationally and internationally.

Our Values:

Underlying all of ALLFIE’s work are two core principles:

  1. Article 24 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities states that Disabled children have the right to inclusive education and that this is the basis for full development of potential and self-worth, strengthening of human rights, and effective participation in society
  2. The Social Model of disability states that people are “disabled” not by their impairments (such as blindness or autism) but by society’s failure to take their needs into account. Being Disabled is part of the normal spectrum of human life: society must expect Disabled people to be there and include us. In education, this means the system must recognise that it creates barriers for Disabled learners which need to be solved, rather than expecting Disabled learners to adapt to the system.

Our Aims

Our aims as an organisation are:

  1. Promote a wider understanding of the benefits of inclusive education for all
  2. Lead the lobby for change in legislation and policy to ensure inclusive education as a right for all
  3. Build the capacity of the inclusive education movement to become a more effective voice of influence
  4. Ensure maximum effectiveness of ALLFIE and its future sustainability

What makes ALLFIE unique

ALLFIE leads the lobby for change in inclusive education as the only Disabled people led national campaigning organisation working on this issue. ALLFIE is controlled and led by Disabled people. ALLFIE lives and breathes the ethos of the Disabled People’s Movement: “Nothing about Disabled People Without Disabled People”.

Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan 2021 is available in printable Pdf or Word (for screen-reader):

Our Annual Review

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