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Press Release: ALLFIE’s Day of Action for Inclusive Education 23rd January 2020

For immediate release: Wednesday 22 January 2020

ALLFIE’s Day of Action marks an important milestone for inclusive education, as our petition ‘Don’t Shut Disabled People Out of Mainstream Education’ reached over 100,000 signatures.

At 12 noon on the 23rd January, the Alliance for Inclusive Education (ALLFIE) will deliver a 100,000+ signature petition to the steps of 10 Downing Street, calling on our Government to stop shutting disabled people out of mainstream education. We also see the launch of our ground-breaking school accessibility plan report.

Michelle Daley, ALLFIE’s Director, comments:

“People have spoken out in support of ALLFIE, demanding the government stop shutting disabled people out of mainstream education. Our voices will not be ignored any more – we must get inclusive education done and fully implement the UNCRPD in our domestic law.”

Member of Parliament and Shadow Minister for Disabled People, Marsha de Cordova MP stresses the importance of our petition, as a disabled person and former mainstream school pupil herself:

“I personally know the value of inclusive education for both disabled and non-disabled students. It is vital that the Government listens to the demands of this important petition, as more and more children are being shut out of mainstream schools.”

ALLFIE’s 38 degrees petition Don’t Shut Disabled People Out of Mainstream Education

ALLFIE’s Day of Action also includes the launch of our ground-breaking research report “Accessibility Plans as Effective Tools for Inclusion in Schools: Are They Working?” The report concludes that many mainstream schools are still failing in their Equality Act 2010 duty to develop effective school accessibility plans, to promote inclusive education practice.

Schools failing to implement effective accessibility plans often leads to disabled pupils being excluded, off-rolled or home educated. For many young people and their parents, there is no other option than to take up a segregated educational placement in a special school, alternative education provision or a pupil referral unit. The Department for Education has reported that the majority of disabled pupils with education, health and care plans are now being taught in segregated schools, which is in breach of the Government’s duties to promote equality and inclusion under both the Equality Act 2010 and UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Article 24 provisions.

The report will be available on our website from 23rd January.

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About The Alliance for Inclusive Education
ALLFIE is a unique voice. Formed in 1990, we are the only organisation led by Disabled people focused on campaigning and information-sharing on education, training and apprenticeship issues. We campaign for the right of all Disabled pupils and students to be fully included in mainstream education, training and apprenticeships with all necessary supports. ALLFIE believes that inclusive education is the basis of lifelong equality. Children who learn and play together will grow into adults who can understand and respect each other’s differences.

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