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Press Release: ALLFIE outraged as Government announces plan to create more special schools


ALLFIE Director Michelle Daley meets Marsha Cordova MP during Day of Action in Westminster

ALLFIE is disappointed with the Government’s announcement to create thousands more special school places for Disabled children across the country: Thousands of places in new special free schools

 “This is a disgraceful failure to address a new schooling system by using old methods to fill up the special schools. Disabled people have been in lockdown for decades. Now is the time to liberate all children to a fully inclusive education system” (Joe Whittaker, ALLFIE Trustee)

We believe that the announcement is incompatible with the Government’s UN CRPD and Public Sector Duty to protect and promote Disabled people rights. This also demonstrates that the Government’s failures to act on the recommendations of the UN Disability Committee in 2017 found our Government to be causing a “human catastrophe” to Disabled people.

Between 2012 and 2019 we have seen a decrease by 24% in the number of Disabled children attending a mainstream primary and secondary school in England: Campaigners warn that special needs children have been forced out of mainstream schools

ALLFIE is concerned that the Government response is overly reactive and has not looked at the damage of exclusion and the long term effect of segregation to society. We believe it is wrong that tax payers money is to be used to create and resource segregated education, which will disconnect and further exclude Disabled people from society.

“Why is the Government not investing in resourcing mainstream education to become inclusive and able to meet the needs of all learners. Surely this will simply be creating a problem down the line with thousands more marginalised and excluded Disabled people from society” (Lucy Bartley, Parent)

ALLFIE knows inclusion works:

“Our Government must stop shutting Disabled people out from mainstream education and put an end to the inequality in education for Disabled people” (Michelle Daley, ALLFIE Director)

We are calling for people to support ALLFIE’s work. We ask you to help us to bring an end to the awful and injust practice of segregation of human lives.

Notes to editors:

  1. ALLFIE is a disabled people’s organisation which campaigns for inclusive education for disabled learners. ALLFIE is a unique voice. Formed in 1990, we are the only organisation led by Disabled people focused on campaigning and information-sharing on education, training and apprenticeship issues. We campaign for the right of all Disabled pupils and students to be fully included in mainstream education, training and apprenticeships with all necessary supports. ALLFIE believes that inclusive education is the basis of lifelong equality. Children who learn and play together will grow into adults who can understand and respect each other’s differences.
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