Inclusion Now magazine

Inclusion Now 64 | Autumn 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of Inclusion Now magazine, inclusive education news including: A revolving door of Tory incompetence and inequality; The ‘institutional lie’ about cuts; Poverty, class, race and disability; Inclusive practice in Wales; Maresa MacKeith on Friendship; Disability History Month

UK Disability History Month 2022 Poster: A red heart on a yellow and grey background. The heart is broken. Lettering on the heart says 'Disability, Health and Well Being'. At the top in black letters: 'UK Disability History Month'. Beneath: ‘2022’ in red numbers on a yellow background, and beneath the heart on either side, ‘16th November' and '16th December'

Welcome to the 64th edition of Inclusion Now magazine. Text and audio versions are in the articles below, or you can read it in magazine format on Issuu.

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