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We campaign for the right of all Disabled learners (including those labelled as having Special Educational Needs) to be in mainstream education, rather than in special schools or colleges, or specialist units within mainstream schools or colleges.

This requires a fundamental change to how schools, colleges and universities function and a change in the law guaranteeing the right to inclusive education with all necessary support for Disabled pupils and students in mainstream. This would include teaching assistants, curriculum differentiation and other adjustments to enable them to participate equally inside and outside the classroom.

We believe lifelong inclusion and equality of opportunity for Disabled people is not possible without this. We are the only organisation led by Disabled people focused on campaigning and information-sharing on education, training and apprenticeship issues.

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For press, campaigning and policy enquiries, please contact our Campaigns & Policy Coordinator Simone Aspis:

Office: 020 7737 6030

Email: [email protected].