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Action: government call for evidence

The Department for Education has published a call for evidence on funding arrangements for young people with SEND and those who need alternative provision which began on the 3rd May and will continue till 31st July 2019.

The DFE have asked the Council for Disabled Children to organise a small number of workshops across the country. Email, giving your name, role, organisation and email address.

The call for evidence has no doubt been prompted by growing concerns of families, Disabled people, education providers, local authorities and unions over the negative impact that funding cuts are having upon Disabled children and young people in all forms of education including post 16. The Department for Education is consulting on both how existing funding arrangements are working and whether improvements can be made to support children and young people in different settings.

Whilst the inquiry is mainly geared towards collecting views of schools and post-16 education, nevertheless we are responding anyway.

The call for evidence provides an opportunity to not only say there is insufficient funding in the education system per se, but the funding itself is being spread more thinly across a broader range of SEND provision. Funding policy appears to be moving from resourcing mainstream to segregated education which is clearly incompatible with promoting Disabled pupils’ right to inclusive education. Whilst mainstream education budgets have been slashed, this government is increasing the funding available to establish new free special schools – such as the 37 that were announced in March this year.

We are always on the lookout for examples of both good and poor practice currently happening. So if you are or know anyone directly affected by the cuts to funding please do contact us with your experiences in confidence., tel: 0207 737 6030.