London Borough U-turn on Inclusive Education

December briefing: ALLFIE’s response to the London Borough of Newham’s plan to open a new segregated school, plus a call to action!

Campaign flyer with the slogan: Education Not Segregation

Campaign news

We were recently very disappointed to hear about the London Borough of Newham’s proposals for “a designated school to support children with autism”, as outlined in November’s Newham Recorder article: New Connaught School set to open in Newham next year.

According to the article, The Connaught School will be opened by Learning in Harmony Trust, a ‘private limited company’ that is “delighted to have received confirmation from The Department of Education to open the Newham school.”

ALLFIE has responded with the following campaign response letter, which we have sent to 68 London Borough of Newham officials including:

A message from ALLFIE’s Trustee Board

“ALLFIE should be seen at the front and centre when opposing this ‘segregated insult’ against Disabled and non- disabled people in Newham. This shift towards deeper segregation, across London in particular and around the UK in general, is one that has been orchestrated by this government over many years. It must be challenged and exposed for what it is – part of a systemic rejection of the rights fought for and won by Disabled people and their allies over the last 35 years

What you can do – a call to action

We are asking our members and supporters to oppose this action.

  • Please submit a complaint to the London Borough of Newham, to register dissatifaction at how they have dealt with this issue.
  • We will be rallying in the new year to oppose this action so please watch this space