Inclusion Resources

“Hear Us Out”

This VIPER guide to participation looks at the steps organisations should follow when creating participation opportunities for groups of Disabled young people.

We have written this guide because many people we’ve spoken to including voluntary sector organisations, local authorities and health bodies said they wanted to learn how to involve young Disabled people in decision making, and that they wanted to learn about what works directly from young Disabled people themselves. This guide is based on our own experiences from the VIPER project and on the evidence we gathered through our national research project.

We think there should be more opportunities for young Disabled people to be involved in decision making about services. All young Disabled people can be included and participate if we change attitudes. We hope people will use this guide to make that happen.

Download the guide

We suggest you also look at our “Knowledge is Power” toolkit for Disabled People’s Organisations involving young people in their work.