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Most of our publications are free and for those that aren't, ordering is simple; you can pay by cheque or invoice. Discounts for bulk orders can be arranged. Please fill in the attached forms and return to us or contact us either by telephone, in writing or by email for more details. Please specify which formats you require when ordering.

ALLFIE Resources



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We've had our t-shirts reprinted in a gorgeous blue/purple with yellow print. They have the wording 'WE KNOW INCLUSION WORKS' on the front and feature the ALLFIE logo and website address on the back. The t-shirts are soft and good quality.

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ALLFIE tshirt

ALLFIE 25th Anniversary Mug

As a celebration of 25 years of campaigning for inclusive education, we've produced these great mugs with the ALLFIE logo on the front and a 25th anniversary logo on the back.

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anniversary mug frontanniversary mug back



"We know inclusion works" badge.

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The Case for Inclusive Education

The 'What', the 'Why' and the 'How'

pdf version

case for inclusive education

Hear Us Out

A VIPER guide to participation in decision making

pdf version


Hear Us Out

'How Was School' Teaching Resources

On the 'How Was School?' website you will find audio and video excerpts from over 50 interviews of disabled people talking about their experiences of education, recorded by 10 disabled volunteers between 2011 and 2013. As well as this you will find a free Schools Resource Pack comprising of six worksheets, plus Teachers' Notes to accompany the pack. There are also free postcards and posters available.

How Was School

Who's On My Side

Who's On My Side? is a video collaboration between Allfie and Parents for Inclusion to highlight how families can and do support their disabled young people. Watch the video by following the link below:


See supporting resource here:

Who's On My Side (pdf)

Who's On My Side

Campaigns in Action – Disabled People’s Struggle for Equality

pdf version
word text only version

If you would prefer a printed copy please contact us at the office by email or phone 020 7737 6030

Campaigns in Action

Inclusion Standards Guide

A document to help organisations make decisions about meeting disabled people’s access requirements during events

pdf version
word text only version

Inclusion Standards

Pushing for Change -
The Role of Disabled People's Organisations in Developing Young Disabled Leaders of the Future

This report looks at some of the ways different organisations are including young disabled people and encouraging their leadership and includes the voices and experiences of young disabled people on leadership matters.

The report highlights that young disabled people need to feel part of their communities, families and peer groups if they are to feel confident to seek out leadership roles. The research shows that young people want more choice and control in their lives so they can be leaders.


Full Report - PDF version
Full Report - Word text only version

Summary - PDF version
Summary - Word text only version

If you would prefer a printed copy please contact us at the office by email or phone 020 7737 6030

To see the Launch Powerpoint Presention click here

Pushing for change

DVD - 'Creating a Movement - The Struggle for Inclusive Education in the UK 1990 - 2006'

The movement for Inclusive Education is largely misunderstood and under-reported in the media. This DVD is relevant to everyone who wants to work towards a society in which exclusivity is not an organising principle, a society in which all people are brought up to live well together.
Section 1 - Prologue
These short personal statements to camera say why the issue in this video will make compelling viewing for anyone interested in progressive educational and world change.

Section 2 - Demo and Occupation
The demonstration, organised by ALLfIE and DAN (Direct Action Network), outside Downing Street in 1998 was a key moment in the public assertion of the case for Inclusive Education.

Section 3 - DfES Consultation 2003
This shows how the state officials attempt to manage a so-called 'consultation' on the matter with that group of people most effected. But the video is more valuable as a record of what Disabled people have to say about their own experiences of segregated schooling.

Section 4 - Interview with Micheline Mason
ALLfIE’s current Director Tara Flood interviews Micheline Mason, campaigner and author.
Price: £7 including postage and packaging

Watch a trailer here (lower quality than actual DVD)

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Snapshots of Possibility

Inclusive Education is based on a dream in which all children are given the safety to develop into whole human beings, able to think and learn, love and understand each other, be creative, feel empathy and compassion, work and play co-operatively and to act powerfully within their communities and as world citizens. This book shows that many mainstream nurseries, schools and colleges are changing and developing their practice to begin to make this dream a reality, especially for those children who are currently vulnerable to exclusion and segregation. They are inspiring stories, full of hope for the future.
Price: £8.50 plus £1 p&p

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Where Are They Now?

This little book brings us the voices of fifteen of the first disabled children to go to mainstream schools. Most of them are now young adults. They tell us of their past struggles, their current lives and their plans for the future. They have been part of history in the making and look set to continue to build a more inclusive society for us all.
Price: £5 plus £1 p&p

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The Inclusion Assistant (Report and Video)

A consultation with young disabled people and their parents to think about the role of non-teaching assistants in mainstream education, particularly with regard to young people with high-level support needs. This report captures the best thinking of a group of young people and their allies who have pioneered in inclusion and who really know what needs to happen.
Price: £10 plus £1.50 p&p Report without video: £6 plus £1 p&p

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Whose Voice is it Anyway? (1999)

Carried out by two disabled researchers, this project set out to ask young people both in special and mainstream schools what they felt and thought about their lives. Full of the words of the students, this report gives access to their thoughts on friendship, learning support assistants, teachers, parents and the life ahead of them. Equally, it chronicles the process used to finally create the situation in which the young people were empowered to speak about the things which mattered to them. A must for everyone who lives or works with young disabled people, or who is a young disabled person struggling to get the adult world to see sense.
Also available in a short ‘young person friendly’ version.
Price: £6 plus £1 p&p. Short version: £1.50 plus 50p p&p

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Forced Apart - the case for ending compulsory segregation (1998)

A detailed case arguing for the removal of the conditions on the legal duty of LEAs to provide a mainstream school place for a child with a Statement of Special Educational Need.
Price: £1 plus 50p p&p

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  • Touch - Our First Language
  • The Breaking of Relationships
  • Parents and Partnership

A series of three thought provoking articles written by Micheline Mason.
£1 per copy, including postage, or you can purchase all three for £2.50


Incurably Human

By piecing together a personal journey of discovery, the author explores the deeper meaning of inclusion. She looks at how communities, families and schools are being fragmented by the focus of global economics, rekindling the past eugenic polices which have created a culture of exclusion for many. She looks also at how dynamic resistance movement is growing, led by the excluded themselves and those who love them. Micheline Mason proposes that this is the beginning of a truly radical, non-violent world change movement of relevance to every living person.
Price: £8.99 Now only available from Inclusive Solutions:

Inclusion Now

The Magazine of the Inclusion Movement in the UK

If you believe that all children should be welcomed and supported in their local mainstream school then this is the magazine for you. It is a grass-roots publication written by ordinary people who have found themselves facing the extraordinary challenge of inclusion. The articles are fresh and new, sometimes controversial, sometimes funny, always informative. It brings the voice of the excluded into the heart of the debate about educational change. Three issues a year, this magazine is FREE to all members of the Alliance but is also now available on subscription.
See the Inclusion Now page for details.

Back issues are also available for sale at a cost of £2 per copy including postage and packaging. Significant reductions available for bulk orders. Please contact the office if you wish to purchase any.

Inclusion Now is published by The Alliance for Inclusive Education in collaboration with Parents for Inclusion and Disability Equality in Education.

What Disabled People Want -

A Guide for Potential Allies





EU Lifelong Learning Project Resources

An Inclusive Education Guide for Families

This is a web based Guide for Families to help them seek inclusive education opportunities for the disabled child. The Guide has been written by Linda Whitehead and encourages families to think of themselves as allies to their disabled children by thinking about disability in a positive way by using the Social Model of Disability. The Guide will help families ask the right questions of schools and to be more confident to seek out a school that is inclusive of all children from the local community. The Guide is based on learning and evidence from visits to each of these countries and is funded by Grundtvig (http://www.grundtvig.org.uk )

Download pdf

families guide

Advocacy and Training Toolkit

This is a toolkit to support advocacy and training work led by disabled people. The toolkit was developed by disabled people from France, Italy, Iceland and the UK and is based on learning and evidence from visits to each of these countries. The toolkit offers information and advice to disabled people across Europe to encourage their participation and leadership in the implementation of inclusive education for disabled children and young people. The Advocacy & Training toolkit is funded by Grundtvig (http://www.grundtvig.org.uk )

Download pdf

advocacy toolkit

An Inclusive Education Guide for Professionals

This Guide has been written by education and social care professionals from France, Italy, Romania, Iceland and the UK and is based on evidence and learning from each of these countries in terms of what works for the inclusion of disabled children and young people in mainstream education.

The Guide offers practical advice and information to those professionals already working with disabled children and their families and also to those professionals unfamiliar with this area of work. The Guide is based on learning and evidence from visits to each of these countries and is funded by Leonardo (http://www.leonardo.org.uk  )

Download pdf

professionals guide

Disability Lib Alliance


Disability Lib Alliance


Disability LIB (Listen, Include, Build) Alliance was a three year partnership of the Alliance for Inclusive Education, the United Kingdom's Disabled People's Council, Equalities National Council, and Disability Awareness in Action, National People First and Preston Disc with Scope as the managing partner. The project ended in June 2011.

See the Disability LIB website for more information and for the capacity building resources that came out of the project - www.disabilitylib.org.uk More will be added soon.