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ALLFIE's Manifesto for Inclusive Education

General Elections campaign – securing a commitment to Inclusive Education, as a Right, for all Disabled learners

Current campaign work
What you can do
What Allfie has achieved

Over the next year, ALLFIE will planning a number of activities to get everyone out there and campaigning for Inclusive Education with a focus on the General Election in May 2015.  We are planning to build on wider cross-party support which we gained during the Greater London Authority’s election in 2012.  ALLFIE will be asking perspective parliamentary candidates to support our Manifesto for Inclusive Education, including six simple Demands which set out the changes that will need to be made to ensure that all disabled learners have a civil and human right to participate in mainstream education. 

The six Demands are that:

All disabled learners have the legal right to attend mainstream courses in mainstream education settings.

All disabled learners have the legal right to individualised support.

Education buildings to be made accessible to all disabled learners.

All mainstream course curricula are accessible to and inclusive of disabled learners.

All education assessments and accreditations are inclusive.

Disability equality training is compulsory for all education professionals and staff.

Apart from asking perspective parliamentary candidates we want to build a mass movement of support for a truly inclusive education system in the UK.  We want to triple the number of organisations, individuals and allies involved in our campaigning work.  So if you are not one of the 125 organisations and 400 individuals that have signed our Manifesto for Inclusive Education, NOW is the time to make that pledge. 

Click here to see who has signed up so far

Contact us to add your name or organisation to the list.

ALLFIE'S Manifesto (pdf)

Manifesto text only (word doc)


UK Disabled People’s Manifesto

The Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (ROFA) is a coalition of disabled person led organisations working at the local, regional and national level. ROFA was set up in 2013 and have been working to coordinate disabled peoples organisations campaigning activity around the local election in 2014 and the General Election in May 2015.  ROFA have developed a UK Disabled People’s Manifesto incorporating ALLFIE’s demands for inclusive education. The Manifesto was launched by Katy Clarke in the House of Commons in September 2013.  We will be working with the ROFA to develop a range of activities to influence Political Parties policies on disabled peoples’ right to be included in mainstream education at all levels.

See the UK Disabled People’s Manifesto here

ALLFIE's Local Elections Manifesto 2014

Follow these links to see and share our Local Elections Manifesto for inclusive education for 2014 – we are asking all candidates to pledge their support.
Candidates - send us your photos!
PDF version
Word version (text only)

Robert Hill

kirsten hearn

diana swingler

Simone Aspis

"I support ALLFIE’s campaign"

Robert Hill, local Council candidate for the Labour Party in Streatham St Leonard’s Ward, London











"There is nothing more powerful  for teaching children to respect difference, than by disabled and non-disabled children learning and playing together in the same school and on the same streets. Segregated education removes disabled people from their communities, resulting in their substandard education and alienating them from their peers. Hate crime and anti-social behaviour targeting disabled children and adults is born out of the fear of the unknown. This is why ALLFIE's manifesto must be implemented by local councils, and why I pledge to work to do this if elected for Stroud Green"

Kirsten Hearn, Labour Party candidate for Stroud Green, Haringey, London

“The government has launched a brutal assault on disabled people and their rights. We need to support fully an inclusion based on genuine access for all, and an end to the ideology of scapegoating and blaming disabled people”

Diana Swingler, candidate for Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) for London Fields Ward, Hackney, London

“Inclusive Society cannot happen without an inclusive education system!”

Simone Aspis, local Council candidate for the Green Party, Dudden Hill Ward, London

Current campaign work

What you can do

What Allfie has achieved

Further information can be found in the following Allfie Briefings:

ALLFIE Briefing No.15 April 2010

ALLFIE Briefing No.16 May 2010

Allfie Manifesto - 6 demandsImage by Simone Aspis