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Green Paper - Support and Aspiration

A New Approach for Special Educational Needs and Disability

What Allfie has achieved
Current campaign work
What you can do

This Green Paper consultation document, published in March 2011, outlines Government education policy reforms for streamlining assessment processes whilst providing disabled children and young people and their families’ greater choice of education placements and service provision. The document includes a reform of current early identification processes and assessments, increasing choice and control for parents, changes to learning and achievement arrangements, proposals for preparation for adulthood and collaboration between services. The SEN Green paper focuses on:  

What happens now?
The Green Paper consultation period closed at the end of June 2011. 12 months on from the publication of the Green Paper, ALLFIE is still waiting for the Government to publish its response to the consultation. 

The Government has announced SEN Pathfinder pilot sites in local authorities who will be trialling proposals set out in the Green Paper:

What Allfie has achieved

Current campaign work

What you can do

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SEN Green PaperImage by Simone Aspis