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ALLFIE's London Manifesto

See London Manifesto Here
See Special Mayoral Election Briefing Here


Early Day Motion 2481 - 30th ANNIVERSARY OF THE EDUCATION ACT 1981

ALLFIE now has a number for our Early Day Motion - Please get your MP to sign up - http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2010-12/2481

ALLFIE's Manifesto for Inclusive Education

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Contact us to add your name or organisation to the list.

ALLFIE is asking all prospective parliamentary candidates to support six simple demands which would ensure that all disabled learners have a right to participate in mainstream education.

ALLFIE has looked at all the political parties' education policies. Unsurprisingly, none of them clearly support disabled learners rights to participate in mainstream education. We need to do everything we can to persuade all candidates standing for Parliament to send a clear message that their party's policies are out of sync with an education system promoting equality and fairness.

ALLFIE's Inclusive Education Manifesto

ALLFIE's manifesto has six simple demands which would make a world of difference to ensuring that disabled learners have a legal and human right to participate in mainstream education. The six demands are that:

All disabled learners have the legal right to attend mainstream courses in mainstream education settings.

All disabled learners have the legal right to individualised support.

Education buildings to be made accessible to all disabled learners.

All mainstream course curricula are accessible to and inclusive of disabled learners.

All education assessments and accreditations are inclusive.

Disability equality training is compulsory for all education professionals and staff.

We would like you to ask everyone who is standing for Parliament to:

Raise inclusive education as a civil and human right issue for disabled learners in political hustings and meetings being run by organisations, unions and students.

Support ALLFIE's Inclusive Education Manifesto demands.

ALLFIE'S Manifesto (pdf)

Manifesto text only (word doc)

Please contact us if you wish to add your name or organisation to the manifesto

We Know Inclusion Works


The "We Know Inclusion Works" Banner March in October 2006 was a HUGE Success!
The Alliance's "We Know Inclusion Works" Campaign was launched at the end of July 2006 in response to months of media hype about how 'damaging' inclusion is for disabled children and young people.


We decided that the time had come to do something to challenge the negativity. And what better way to do that than to get people to tell us their personal stories about their own inclusion in school, or the inclusion of their child - we also asked teachers and education professionals for examples of inclusion good practice they have seen working in the classroom.

We asked everyone to send in their stories, pictures, poems to us by the end of September so we could organise a big launch event in October 2006.

We decided on the 26th October because it coincided with a debate in Parliament on the Government's response to the Education & Skills Select Committee report on SEN, and we knew there would be lots of media interest. Luckily enough this date also coincided with autumn half term week so a good time for disabled children and young people and their families to come along and take part.

We were overwhelmed by responses. Here are what some people said about inclusion:

"…all I have witnessed (in the classroom) has led me to believe that children will always be better off being educated with their able-bodied peers, and that furthermore, the non-disabled children benefit just as much from sharing their classroom" (Teacher, Peterborough)

"I felt I had to write as I too feel there has been a downward turn in the people's attitude towards total inclusion of people with disability in our mainstream schools and feel strongly that now is the time to stop the rot." (Parent, Scotland)

"Inclusion for me, is about a society, which respects the humanity of its people." (Disabled young person, Nottinghamshire)

"Inclusive education is a much more profound and deeper challenge to our schooling system and the way we think about learning. The starting principle is that each and every learner, irrespective of the nature or degree of their impairment should have the right to belong to their local school and their local community, with meaningful and appropriate support, enabling each learner to participate and contribute to such a learning community." (Inclusion campaigner and ally, Bolton)

"Having gone through mainstream education, I have to admit that the idea of being shut up in the box of a segregated school scares me." (Disabled young person, Ayrshire)

"As a parent of a disabled young person I have only ever had one real choice. Inclusion. There has never been any doubt or questions in our mind that this was the right path for our child." (Parent, Yorkshire)

We wanted the "We Know Inclusion Works" campaign event to be fun for everyone so we decided that as well as taking a copy of the FOUR VOLUMES of personal stories of inclusion, we would get together first and make a big "We Know Inclusion Works" banner that we would march with to the Dept for Education and Skills.

On the day there were about 40 of us - disabled children, young people, adults, parents and allies - all ready to get creative in the name of inclusion. Lucy Mason and Tom Minor were our facilitators for the banner- making workshop and despite a very cosy space in which to work, they did a fantastic job getting everyone involved - there was brightly coloured paints, materials and stickers everywhere.

As you can see the banner was an incredible mixture of pictures, poems and words about how we all value inclusion.

We then took to the streets, with our fantastic bright red Banner, and marched into the Department for Education and Skills singing our "We Know Inclusion Works" song much to the amazement of the DFES security guards and the civil servants who are pressed their noises up against the windows to find out what was going on.

Lord Adonis, who is the Minister responsible for 'SEN and Disability", met us and accepted the four volumes of inclusion from us. He then took about 40 minutes talking to some the disabled young people who were very clear that the Government should be doing more to support inclusion for all disabled learners - that this was about making sure disabled children and young people had proper, well resourced support in mainstream schools and build the capacity of the whole education system so that disabled learner feel welcomed in schools and colleges.

Lord Adonis was very clear in reaffirming the Govt's commitment to inlcusion and has agreed to meet the Alliance and representatives from the Inlcusion movement, in the New Year, so we can talk about how we can work better together to make sure inclusion becomes a reality for ALL. (and how the DFES should be funding the Alliance to campaign for inclusive education for ALL children and young people)

It was a fantastic event and I am sure that it will be the first of many. Can I just take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to everyone who came along and got creative, to Tim for writing the most fantastic song, and to everyone who bought a T Shirt and for marching to the heart of Government and telling them like it is!

Don't forget the "We Know Inclusion Works" campaign is still collecting your stories, pictures,photos, poems all about your experiences of inclusion because next time we march on the DFES we want to take 20 VOLUMES!


Please see the attached flyer. We ask that you send it to all your contacts so that we continue getting a really big and positive response from individuals and organisations.

Download a copy of 'We Know Inclusion Works' [PDF - 168KB]

Download a text version of the flyer

Get the T-Shirt!