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UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Article 24

A global commitment to Inclusive Education, as a right, for all Disabled learners

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The UN Convention on The Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) provides an internationally recognised standard for disabled people's human rights in one global framework. Those Governments that sign up to and ratify the UNCRPD are required to promote and uphold these standards which safeguard the human rights of ALL disabled people. 

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Former Minister for Disabled People Anne McGuire signing the UNCRPD on behalf of the UK Government in 2007

Article 24: A Right to Inclusive Education guarantees all Disabled learners a right to participate in all forms of mainstream education with appropriate support. When the UK Government ratified the UNCRPD in June 2009 it decided to place a number of restrictions on its UNCRPD obligations. Two of those restrictions relate to Article 24. The first is an Interpretative Declaration which clarifies the UK Government definition of a ‘general education system’. The Interpretative Declaration text states that:

Interpretative Declaration:
“Education – Convention Article 24 Clause 2 (a) and (b)
 The United Kingdom Government is committed to continuing to develop an inclusive system where parents of disabled children have increasing access to mainstream schools and staff, which have the capacity to meet the needs of disabled children. The General Education System in the United Kingdom includes mainstream, and special schools, which the UK Government understands is allowed under the Convention.”
The UK Government also placed a Reservation against Article 24 which states that:

Education – Convention Article 24 Clause 2 (a) and 2 (b)
The United Kingdom reserves the right for disabled children to be educated outside their local community where more appropriate education provision is available elsewhere. Nevertheless, parents of disabled children have the same opportunity as other parents to state a preference for the school at which they wish their child to be educated.

Current campaign work  

What you can do

What Allfie has achieved

Article 24 can be found here: Article 24

Read ALLFIE's position on the Article 24 Reservation and Interpretive Declaration: UNCRPD Background Paper on Article 24

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