Happy Birthday Dalai Lama


Is it just me or did anybody else sense Alan Yentob’s surprise when he asked the Dalai Lama, at the Edinburgh Festival, ‘Does music make you happy?’

I’m sure Alan, and many in the audience, did not expect the response, “not much”. After the initial laughter from the crowd, the Dalai Lama’s (DL) more detailed response provided the scenario of countries such as Iraq or Syria, where humans are killing each other and whether music being played would reduce their anger and violence towards each other. The DL’s response being “I don’t think”.

The DL went on to talk about the difference between sensorial (visual, hearing, smell, taste and touch) and mental level experiences. Sensory experiences, the DL explained, do not last long, they become memories, and do not provide long-term mental satisfaction. The DL’s advise was to seek long-term satisfaction out of the practice of love, forgiveness, faith and for us to know more about system of mind.

Prior to Alan Yentob’s questioning, the BBC programme showed the DL addressing a crowd at the Edinburgh Festival. The DL began by talking about the purpose of life, being a happy life, and that each individual has a right to a happy life, and that hope is the basis of life. He was critical of human being killings by human being, and urged us to promote a sense of oneness, saying that emotionally, mentally, and physically we are the same, we all have a right to achieve a happy life from birth. The Dalai Lama laid the blame for violence, conflict, and destruction with human beings; pointing out our global responsibility. Other key themes included interdependence, love, tolerance, forgiveness, harmony, and to think of oneness of humanity. The modern education system is orientated towards material and external values, and has created problems of anger and hate. The DL pointed out that through education, from kindergarten to university, it would be better to pursue holistic, moral and inner values, that would eliminate or at least reduce human-made destructive problems, and that such an education would create warm-heartedness. Definitely worth a watch …   http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p02w3m5s/happy-birthday-dalai-lama


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